RU A unit subject list 2024 seat number – RU subject wise seat number

RU A unit subject list 2024  September has been discussed here. Rajshahi university all unit subject details and seats information has been included here. Because the examination is knocking at the door. Today we are going to discuss about the seat number also the other information of this examination.  if you want to admit rajshahi university you should need to know rajshahi University all units subject details.

So this article will be very very important for yourself if you want to know the subject list also the seat number. There are many seats in this university. Now we are going to discuss about the information. You can understand everything if you read this article properly. Sir this article will help you to know this information.

RU A unit subject list 2024 seat number

The many candidate are looking for the subject list of the rajshahi university. They want to know about this University admission details. Because if they know about the University admission details then Admission Test will be easy for them. So everyone should know about this information. They can understand everything if anyone read this article. We have discussed everything of this university A,B,C unit subject information. Today we will discuss subject wise seat number of rajshahi University.

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Rajshahi university subject wise seat number

All the admission candidate wants to know the details of subject also seat number. Because it helps them to prepare for the admission test and University. So Admission Test candidate find all the university seat number in online. So we have discussed about this information in Our article. Everyone will get this information if they visit in Our article. So we can say that this article will be very helpful to you if you have come to the site. Because every details we have discussed properly for yourself.

S.L. no. Unit name Seat number
1 A 2019
2 B 560
3 C 1598

Rajshahi university A unit seat number subject wise

Faculty Subjects Seats
Philosophy 110
History 100
English 100
Bangla 80
Arts Arabic 100
Islamic Studies 110
Islamic history and culture 110
Music 30
Theatre 20
Persian language and literature 40
Urdu 40
Sanskriti 56
Law Law 110
Law and land administration 50
Economics 100
Political science 100
Social science 80
Maths communication and journalism 50
Information science and library management 66
Social science Public administration 60
Social work 70
Anthropology 50
Folklore 60
International Relation 40
Fine arts Painting, Oriental arts and printing 45
Poetry and sculpture 30
Graphics design, crafts and history of Arts 45
Institute Education & Research Institute 50

Rajshahi University B unit subject list and seat number

B is the business studies unit of rajshahi University. There are many subject in this unit. Now we will discuss about the subject list of this unit. So if you are a candidate of the rajshahi university then you can get everything of this University details in this article. But for getting this information you have to read this information. Then you can understand all the subject information also the ship number from this article. So we can say that this article will help you to know the admission test information. For knowing this information follow the below steps.

Faculty Subjects Seats
Business studies Accounting and information system 110
Management Studies 100
Marketing 110
Finance 100
Banking and Insurance 60
Tourism and Hospitality Management 30
Institute Business Administration 50

RU A unit subject list

RU C unit Subject or Seat number

See unit is science faculty of rajshahi University. There are many subject and seats in this unit. But many candidate did not know about this information. Now we are going to discuss about this information. So if you follow this instructions you can understand everything of this unit. How many subjects or seat in this unit. So for knowing this information you have to follow the steps. Then you can ask understand everything.