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ICC world cup 2023 schedule fixtures is announced by the ICC. So everyone can know the this fixtures from our website. Because we have published this information from our website. So if you are a cricket lover and your finding your 2023 fixtures of ICC then you have come to the right place for getting it. If you are a candidate and you are going to know about this information then you will get it from here. So we can say that to know about this information from here. The match is going to started 5 October 20203. So to know the match schedules read this article about matches.

ICC world cup 2023 schedule

Cricket is everyone’s favorite game. So every year, whatever game is held, the audience waits for it. The game not only entertains the audience but also hides many emotional feelings. Today we have appeared before you with some information related to World Cup Cricket. Because you know that the auspicious opening of the ICC World Cup is going to take place on October 5, 2023. We have written today’s article with the information related to how any match will be held in the said game and according to the schedule. Hope you can know the information about ICC Cricket World Cup by reading today’s article.

world cup cricket fixtures  and ceremony date

This World Cup is the 13th Cricket World Cup. India is going to host it. As Bangladesh is India’s neighboring country, India is very relieved to see India as the host. But that doesn’t mean they can do well in the game. Because Bangladesh could not perform well in the last three times. But this year they are all hoping to perform well. So now let’s tell you more detailed information about the match round and other things related to the game. How the game will be played and when.

icc 2023 opening ceremony date and time & organisation country

Many people want to know which country is going to organize the ICC World Cup Cricket? India is going to host the 2023 World Cup. The first match will be inaugurated on October 5, 2023. And the management is the International Cricket Council. And cricket format is one day match. Every match will be played in knock-out. And here every game is held according to group. Here are the details on how the group games will be played. This year there are ten teams in the game. And 48 matches will be held. Also the final match will be held on 19 November 2023. One match will be held almost every day. So let’s know more detailed information from below.

2023 World Cup Team List

There are ten teams in the World Cup this year. The game will be held among these ten teams. But many do not know which teams are there and which teams will participate in the game. So many people ask which team will participate? That is why we will mention the names of the countries here so that you can know which teams are participating in the game this year. So you can easily know about this from our website. The following ten teams are participating in the game this year.

  • England
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Afghanistan
  • South Africa
  • Netherland
  • Sri Lanka

ICC World Cup Match Venu name

Cricket lovers want to know which venue the game will be held? And want to know about when the game will be played at any value. So this is very important information for all cricket loving viewers. So here we have discussed all the details nicely. So that all the candidates who are cricket loving viewers can easily pick up their information from here. According to the following venues, the games will be held in the future, then let’s know the names and details of the venues.

SL NO.  Stadium name City
01 Arun jaitley Stadium Delhi
02 MA chidambaram stadium Chennai
03 Narendra Modi Stadium Ahmedabad
04 Vidarbha Cricket Association stadium Nagpur
05 Punjab Cricket Association Stadium Mohali
06 wankhede Stadium Mumbai
07 M chinnaswamy Stadium Bangalore
08 Eden Gardens Kolkata
09 Hpca Stadium Dharmashala
10 Rajiv Gandhi international cricket stadium Hyderabad
11 EKana Stadium Lucknow
12 Maharashtra cricket stadium Pune

World cup match schedule , time and Venu name

Date Match date Team Venue
5 October 2023 Thursday England Vs New Zealand Ahmedabad
6 October 2023 Friday Pakistan Vs Netherland Hyderabad
7 October 2023 Saturday Bangladesh vs Afghanistan Dharamshala
7 October 2023 Saturday South Africa vs Sri Lanka Delhi
8 October 2023 Sunday India vs Australia Chennai
9 October 2023 Monday New Zealand Vs Netherland Hyderabad
10 October 2023 Tuesday Bangladesh vs England Dharmshala
10 October 2023 Tuesday Pakistan vs Sri Lanka Hyderabad
11 October 2023 Wednesday India vs Afghanistan Delhi
12 October 2023 Thursday Australia vs South Africa Lucknow
13 October 2023 Friday Bangladesh vs New Zealand Chennai
14 October 2023 Saturday India vs Pakistan Ahmedabad
15 October 2023 Sunday England vs Afghanistan Delhi
16 October 2023 Monday Australia vs Sri Lanka Lucknow
17 October2023 Tuesday South Africa vs Netherlands Dharamshala
18 October 2023 Wednesday New Zealand Vs Afghanistan Chennai
19 October 2023 Thursday Bangladesh vs India Pune
20 October 2023 Friday Australia vs Pakistan Bangalore
21 October 2023 Saturday Netherlands vs Sri Lanka Lucknow


ICC world cup 2023 schedule & fixtures

21 October 2023  Saturday England vs South Africa Mumbai
22 October 2023 Sunday India vs Newzealand Dharamshala
23 October 2023 Monday Pakistan vs Afghanistan Chennai
24 October 2023 Tuesday Bangladesh vs South Africa Mumbai
25 October 2023 Wednesday Australia Vs Netherlands Delhi
26 October 2023 Thursday England vs Sri Lanka Bangalore
27 October 2023 Friday Pakistan vs South Africa Chennai
28 October 2023 Saturday Australia Vs New Zealand Dharmshala
28 October 2023 Saturday Bangladesh vs Netherlands Kolkata
29 October 2023 Sunday India vs England Lucknow
30 October 2023 Monday Afghanistan vs Sri Lanka Pune
31 october 2023 Tuesday Bangladesh vs Pakistan Kolkata
1 November 2023 Wednesday New Zealand Vs South Africa Pune
2 November 2023 Thursday India vs Sri Lanka Mumbai
3 November 2023 Friday Netherlands versus Afghanistan Lucknow
4 November 2023 Saturday New Zealand vs Pakistan Bangalore
4 November 2023 Saturday England vs Australia Ahmedabad
5 November 2023 Sunday India vs South Africa Kolkata
6 November 2023 Monday Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka Delhi
7 November 2023 Tuesday Australia Afghanistan Mumbai
8 November 2023 Wednesday England vs Netherland Pune
9 November 2023 Thursday New Zealand Vs Sri Lanka Bangalore
10 November 2023 Friday South Africa vs Afghanistan Ahmedabad
11 November 2023 Saturday Bangladesh vs Australia Pune
11 November 2023 Saturday England vs Pakistan Kolkata
12 November 2023 Sunday India vs Netherlands Bangalore
15 November 2023 Wednesday First semi final Mumbai
16 November 2023 Thursday 2nd semi final Kolkata
19 November 2023 Sunday Final Ahmedabad

2023 world cup opening ceremony fixtures picture